About Vanlice Lemonade

The Story of Vanlice Lemonade

Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, Vanlice Lemonade was founded in July of 2017 by Vee Washington. Learning that he was soon to be a father of a beautiful little girl named Hayzel. The struggling artist wanted to create a fun business that would allow them to spend more time together as a family and provide endless memories. During her pregnancy, Hayzel's mother expressed her love for fresh-squeezed lemonade at the local Carver County Fair. Vee found himself highly fascinated by how satisfied she was with every sip. Being so intrigued he began to study the art of lemonade. For many days and long nights, he studied how different cultures made pure all-natural lemonade. He watched as Asians, Indians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Americans, West Africans and more made the best lemonade. Vee had an epiphany, what if he could make the best lemonade on earth? A lemonade so pure that it sends you to paradise in every sip. Yet after many failed attempts, he decided that keeping it simple was the answer and with that… Vanlice Lemonade was born. He designed a recipe that she absolutely loved. With Hayzels mother happy, he decided to share it with their friends and they shared it with theirs...the rest, as they say, is history! Pronounced - "Van-Liss Lemonade"

What Makes us different?

We are a premium lemonade beverage company. Our goal is to produce the best lemonade your taste buds have ever had experienced. With a special formula designed to send you to paradise in every sip. We add a hint of pure herbal essence to our lemonade to give you that experience. When also tried with your favorite adult beverage, Vanlice Lemonade has been a hit.

Great Taste
Unique Design
Citus Bite
Perfect Balance

What are people saying?

"Ummmmm……… I’m not even kidding, this is THE best lemonade I’ve ever had. I’m normally not the biggest fan of lemonade because it always tastes so “fake” to me (either too sweet or too sour), but yours is absolutely perfect."
Shannon A.
"I had the pleasure of meeting Vanlice and he told me about his lemonade and told me I had to try it. Lemonade isn’t really my go to drink of choice but I wanted to give it a shot. This is hands down the best lemonade I have ever had. This lemonade is very smooth and goes down easy. Another benefit of this amazing drink is it comes in a mason jar which you can use for other drinks. I highly recommend this lemonade."
Aaron B.
"This was hands down the best lemonade I have ever had....our grandkids loved it too. We got it at the pop up market.."
Mary Puetz Chapman
"Best Lemonade Ever!! Thank you for coming to our volunteers event and keeping us all from being thirsty! I'm not even a Lemonade fan and I had 3 glasses! I highly recommend!!."
Melissa S.

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